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The Moment when Shoes
are becoming
a special Appearance

It happens time and again the matching footwear for a  certain  dress  could  not  be  found.   In  fact  I  am really  fond  of  nice, exclusive, unique shoes – which  can be very expensive on the other side. Therefore I already scrabbled about several  times  to turn my ideas in this challenge to be  happy with my whole outfit, at least.
I guess it is a women’s general issue.  Please come by and get to know  how I found another way  of  this solving  shoe problem. 
I  accept  gladly  your  cries  for  help:   please  let  me know your budget and  I  will  follow your request to change it over to reality

are simply part of it
Purses – also a never ending story for most women. Having a designer brand is always terrific, quite true but just for a certain range of budgets remains only “Window Shopping”.  Exclusiveness can also be less expensive.  We  may  find  a  really  dull  purse in our closet, but on the other side we  really don’t dare to dispose it for some reason.
No problem:  I ask you  browsing  around on my site and  you  will  discover  a  number  of unique items. A result  of  my  way heading for something special while leaving a personal touch.
Even this is    


small and large creations made out of  fabric, with applications, beads, laces. That’s a part of my world. Like the purses, any item don’t have to be replaced  necessarily  but  can  be turned from old to new.  Another  button, rhinestones or brads, applying a piece  of  a fabric or  a nice lace will revive a banished piece to wear it with joy.  Sure it’s fun to create  something new,  as well, and  to work with different  materials. 

As I  said:  out of almost everything you can create something.

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