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Michaela Isabella Trachsel

There is a Dream

Since my childhood I have been creating. On the grounds that I haven't been really gifted in sketching or object drawing I began with my all in a tumble work. I made my first collages: Everything is meant to be used in some way.
At the age of about 10 I started writing poems. Well, sometimes I find the words at once, on the other hand it can also take me a while finding the specific poem for a certain occasion. Since that time I have a various collection to fall back upon dropping a line.
Besides the lyrics there is also something else playing a major part in my life: the Music. Meanwhile I don't play an instrument any more and  I also gave up my dancing passion. However, if ever my voice it allows,   I am still singing with passion, as well.


Dreams in my mind

Don't start to crumble!

It is my lifetime wish

To obtain all my creativeness!

It shall always stand for pleasure!

I am grateful for this gift!


My Creativity

can be used once


Creativity means to me MAGIC.
I claim to say I felt passionately under this magic'spell. I will never start to be bored on the grounds that my ideas are arising out of these moments of inactivity. My ideas cavort in my mind like little kids on the playgrounds. At the same time these thoughts are waiting patiently for the point of time to see the day light.
My projects are mainly originated from my everyday life, social circle: while listening, keeping an eye on any items in everyday life's or nature, by dint of my fellow men at their suggestion or by special request.



2010 - present

2010 - present

Skills & Passion


Dare to dream
Dreams are the language
to the soul
Listen carefully what it has to say
and wings will sprout on your soul


PASSION creates SUFFERING - PASSION - a word that predicate a lot.
I am a very patient person. Nevertheless - I have to admit myself - sometimes it is a pious hope to keep my stamina.
In fact when my fantasy is bolting once in a while, this passion creates suffering.
As a matter in fact before a creation "is born", quite often I already can see the final product in advance.
Almost nothing will prevent me from completing my plans especially if they are not on request. On the other side I have to be aware not to forget following the intended path. For this reason I mostly have several projects in progress. That's the way I use to go.
I am very grateful for the skills I am gifted with to create - from my point of view - something wonderful.


 * M * E *

Perceive the second

Hold the moment

Identify the life as a gift!



This is fianally my dream:
Turning my hobby as a creative artist into my living - one day.
At the moment I am still working in a nice environment with various and exciting challenges. My work also includes the super vision of young people by making them fit for their practical professionnel life. My daily encounter with them keeps me young - even though I have already exceeded the age of 50. Again and again I am amazed compared with my youth how much similarity exists in those trainings down to the present day.
Having said that, working with young people, I also gain some more experience such as what is going on in actual classroom training for the becomming professionnals.
I am a person easely to get along with and to talk to, open minded, down-to-earth. I love to laugh, I am attentive and incredibly dreamy with a romantic soul. Further more I have good people skills and as an optimist I count on their silver lining.
By the way - my zodiac sign is Aquarius.


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